How should I choose a shop?

Make sure that the shop is clean. What you see right when you walk in is a good indication of how clean the shop is. If it looks or smells dirty, then it'’s not the shop for you. Ask questions about the shop's safety procedures, any professional shop will gladly answer them for you (after all it is your health at stake here).


How to pick an artist?

First of all you need to find an artist at a clean shop. This way there will be no concerns on if they will work on you safely.  Ask the artist if they have certificates in blood borne pathogens, ask if they are a Licensed Tattoo Practitioner.  If they do have these certificates, then you can rest assured you will be getting a tattoo in the safest, healthiest manor possible. Secondly, look at his/her portfolio.  Often these pictures are taken right after the work was completed, so redness and swelling are common. Things to look for are: Are the lines clean and smooth or are they broken and jagged? Do the lines meet up? Do you like the artist style? Taking a few minutes to check out the artist portfolio can ensure that you will be happy with your new tattoo.


How old do I have to be to get a tattoo?

In the state of Maine you have to be 18 years of age with valid photo I.D. to get tattooed. No exceptions! None!


How old do I have to be to get a Piercing?

In the state of Maine you have to be 18 years of age with photo I.D. without parent's consent.  If you are under 18 years of age, you must be accompanied by a legal guardian that has a valid photo I.D.


Do I need an appointment to get tattooed or pierced?

Tattoos are by appointment only. We require a deposit to hold the appointment slot and it will go towards the final price of the tattoo. We accept walk ins for piercings. If our piercer is busy, the most you will have to wait is up to 15 or 20 minutes.


Why do we require a deposit for Tattoos?

We require a non-refundable deposit for every tattoo.  We take our job seriously and would hope that you take your appointments seriously.  Drawing is labor - it requires time and work. We do not draw for free. If you decide not to show up for your appointment without a 48 hour notice, the deposit is no longer valid.  If you show up for the appointment, it will go towards the final price of the tattoo. If you reschedule more than 2 times, your deposit will not longer be valid.


What if I need to reschedule?

Emergencies happen. Please call or email as soon as possible to let your artist know and allow them to reschedule you. Deposits are non refundable and will be put toward your tattoo when you come to your rescheduled appointment.


What if my artist needs to reschedule?

Again, life happens to everyone, including your artist. Every attempt will be made to notify you as soon as possible and to offer you an alternate date. 


Picking a design?

Besides artwork that we have created and purchased to decorate our shop, we do not keep tattoo flash on the walls or in books for you to browse and choose from. Even a walk in should have some idea of what they would like to get tattooed. Your artist can assist in helping you understand what will make a good, long lasting, legible tattoo. We draw all our art ourselves so keep in mind that your request (such as a full sleeve) may not be able to be accomplished in the same day that you request it, but most days, you'll be able to consult with an artist about your ideas and set up an appointment to follow shortly after. Feel free to bring in references.


Location of your new tattoo?

The location is always a major factor. So give the location of your tattoo considerable thought. It is there forever; don't just think for today think for the rest of your life.


Can I get a quote over the phone?

For piercings, yes. Not usually for tattoos.  If you don't have time to go into the shop and get a price on your tattoo you should not be getting a tattoo. Ask yourself - Can I tell if the shop is clean? Can I see the artist work?  These are things you obviously can't do over the phone.


 How much will it cost?

Our tattoos start at $50 and our piercings vary in price.  Smaller tattoos will be priced by the piece, while larger tattoos that require more than one sitting will be priced by the hour. Absolutely DO NOT ever shop around for "the best price". This is a trade in which you should see examples of the artist work and the cleanliness of the shop and question their knowledge. The rule of thumb is - Cheap tattoos are not good, and good tattoos are not cheap.


What form of payment is preferred?

We accept cash, debit, or credit. Sorry, personal checks are NOT accepted.


Do I tip my artist?

Tipping is not mandatory but it is definitely appreciated and makes an artist very happy.


What are your hours?

 Tuesday through Friday 11am to 7pm. Saturday 10am to 6pm.


Can I see my design before my appointment?

The day of your appointment is our deadline for artwork, so they will not be complete and ready for your viewing until that date. We do not send copies/scans of designs over Facebook, email, or phone.  We also do not allow anyone to take pictures of designs before your appointment.  They are owned and copyrighted by the artist until it is tattooed on you. When you see your design at the time of your appointment, let us know if there are any minor changes you want made.  We can change them right then and there. 
To avoid any miscommunication between you and our artists, we ask that you have a very clear idea of what it is that you would like tattooed on you. Reference pictures always help. 



Does it hurt?

Unfortunately, there will be certain amount of discomfort, but the discomfort level depends on the person. If you have a high tolerance to discomfort then I would say it's going to feel like a cat is scratching you and won't stop. My personal opinion is that most of the pain comes from not knowing what to expect. Most first timers are extremely nervous which tends to make your body tense, if your body is tense you will become more sensitive. Once the person starts to relax their tattoo tends to hurt less and less. If you want a tattoo, and take the time to find the right shop and artist.  I promise you that you will not run out the door screaming about the pain. You will walk out of the shop with a smile on your face, not only because of how great your new tattoo looks but also for the fact that you overcame your obstacle of fear.


Will I faint or cry?

I am sure that you have heard horror stories of people passing out or crying because of the pain. People pass out because either their blood sugar drops from not eating (that’s why we recommend being well fed, and bringing healthy snacks) or they get to worked up that their own fear knocks them out. Pain is not the cause of why people pass out during their tattoo. Now crying on the other hand there are some that find the pain too much to bear and do cry, but keep in mind these are few and far between.


Can I get a Tattoo if I have a fear of needles?

If you have a fear of needles, getting a tattoo isn't going to be easy. However, the thing to remember is that the only time you will ever see the needles is when the artist is setting up his equipment. Tattoo needles do not enter the skin as deep as some may think (it goes in about 1/16 of an inch). If you have a fear of needles I would recommend getting your first tattoo in a location that you will not be able to watch (this helps overcome the apprehension, by not actually seeing the needle).


This is my first Tattoo what should I expect?

Getting your first tattoo is a very exciting experience and being prepared for what to expect can keep it fun. First, you should be well rested and well fed. If you’'re tired or your blood sugar level is low, you may experience a higher level of discomfort than you normally would. If you start to feel faint or a little "green" tell your artist right away instead of toughing it out. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a break. Your artist will understand and is prepared for this sort of thing and knows how to handle it (we would rather you take a break, rather than pick you up off the floor after you faint). If you need to take a break, change positions, stretch, sneeze, wiggle or go to the bathroom, let your artist know before you do it. The way your tattoo turns out depends on how still you are.


Can I bring someone with me to my appointment?

If you bring friends or family members, we will ask that they sit in the waiting area chairs while you are being tattooed. Our rule is that only you and one other person may enter the work area with your artist. Groups of people/crowding/standing over the artist is distracting. We strive for a calm and safe atmosphere. This is a firm rule.


Can I bring my child/niece/nephew/under 18 friend or family member?

We understand life is busy and it is hard to get a baby sitter, but we do not allow infants, small children, or animals into our shop. The safety and comfort of our customers and artists is our utmost concern, so having distractions does not create a productive work environment.
If you find you can not get an adequate arrangement prior to your consultation or tattoo appointment, please contact your artist and they will be happy to reschedule you to a more convenient time.


What do I need to do to be prepared for my tattoo?

Pick a day when you have plenty of time, never rush your artist. • Eat before you come, practice proper hygiene, pick your artist and be confident with their abilities. • Bring reading material or music for a distraction, focus on something relaxing, like your next vacation, suck on hard candies that we provide to keep your blood-sugar level up.•  Take slow, deep breaths to calm your nerves.  Let your artist know if you need a break.  Ask questions if you have any concerns. • If it's painful, try not to watch, and most importantly be as still as possible while in the chair.


Do you do cover-ups/reworks?

Yes, we can fix your old tattoos, or cover them up with new ones. Each cover up is very different and we need to see the tattoo before hand so we can determine how to cover it.


 Why should artist wear gloves?

Protection for you and the artist from blood borne pathogens is why artists should be wearing gloves anytime they are touching broken skin, and they should change their gloves anytime that the tattoo procedure is interrupted.


Will I get HIV or Aids?

According to the CDC, there has never been a case of HIV transmission from tattooing in the United States. This is due in part to the fact that HIV does not survive long outside of the body. Nor is it spread through general contact. The structure of tattoo needles does not lend itself to HIV Transmission.


What About Hepatitis?

This is the disease to consider when getting a tattoo, it is a very hardy virus that can survive long periods of time outside the body and can be transmitted by just a scratch with an infected needle. This virus is the one to think about when you’'re standing in that little dirty tattoo shop fixing to get that cheap $20.00 tattoo, or when you'’re sitting in someone's home fixing to be tattooed by a scratcher.

This disease is one of the reasons why Precision Tattoo goes above and beyond the regulations of the Health Department to combat this and other blood borne pathogens. We use our Autoclave to sterilize all of our equipment, all of our needles are used once and disposed of in sharps container, we use barrier protection on all equipment used during the tattoo (tattoo machines, clip cord covers, chair covers and nalagene bottle covers), and we dispose of all unused ink and lubricants after each tattoo. Then each station is cleaned with MadaCide-FD after every tattoo. We treat everyone (including ourselves) like they are infectious and by practicing these principals everyone is protected and the potential for infection is reduced to next to nothing.


What is single service equipment?

Needles, ink caps, ink, ointments, gloves, stencils and razors. The artist should open a fresh set of needles and tubes in front of you (this means that they should be individually packaged, dated, sealed and autoclaved). Any ointments, inks, ink caps, needles, gloves, and razors used in apply your new tattoo should be disposed of when your tattoo is finished. Then the artist should disinfect the work area with MadaCide-FD - which is a safe, effective and economical alcohol based broad spectrum formula surface disinfectant and cleaner that will kill any surface bacteria or viruses.

Can I get a Tattoo when I am drunk?

No, not only is it against the law to tattoo someone that is drunk, but it will cause you to become dehydrated, you will bleed more and consequently have a negative effect on your tattoo. So, please do not waste our time.


How long will my tattoo take?

Time will vary depending on the size and detail of the tattoo.  Television shows make the process seem quick and painless - however, we're tattoo artists, not miracle workers.  Please do not expect to get a back piece done in one afternoon.


Do you guarantee your tattoos?

Yes, with the exception of tattoos on the hands or feet. The fact is that hands and feet take more abuse from normal everyday life, this makes maintaining the quality of the tattoo very difficult. All other tattoos are guaranteed with a free touch up as long as you following your aftercare instructions and come back into the shop within 30 days for a checkup. Remember the way your tattoo heals up depends on how well you take care of it.


How do I take care of my new tattoo?

Please see our aftercare section of our website.  We provide a take home printed sheet with the instructions for every customer.


What things should I not to do after getting a tattoo?

Do not go swimming/sauna/hottub for at least 2 weeks, do not scratch or pick at your tattoo, do not shave your tattoo and no tanning until your tattoo is completely healed.


When can I shave again?

Do not shave the area where your tattoo is until it is completely healed (if you do, you might as well take a weed whacker to it). The best way to know if it’'s time to shave is come back in and let the artist take a look at it, if not close your eyes and run your finger over the area where your tattoo is, if you can tell you have a tattoo there do not shave it. My personal opinion is to plan on not shaving the area around your tattoo for about 4 weeks.


More questions?

Feel free to give us a call 207-540-1435, send us an email, or contact us through facebook!